• Track Name Year
    Air Ride2012
    All I See2010
    All I Want2005
    All I Want (Instrumental)[2001]
    All I Want (Orchestral Mix)
    All Torque2014
    All Torque (Hybrid Remix)2014
    Altitude (Red Square Reprise)1999
    Be Here Now2014
    Be Here Now (Hybrid Radio Edit)2014
    Be Here Now (Hybrid Remix)2014
    Beachcoma [Early Version][1998]
    Black Noise[2012]
    Blackout (Hybrid Y4K Edit)2004
    Blackout (Orchestral Version)2012
    Blackwater Siege2013
    Blind Side2011
    Blind Side (Acapella)2011
    Blind Side (Armchair Mix)2011
    Blind Side (Hybrid Soundsystem Dub)2011
    Blind Side (Hybrid Soundsystem Remix)2011
    Blind Side (Instrumental)2011
    Blind Side (Widescreen Eclectro Mix)2011
    Bound And Gagged2012
    Break My Soul2010
    Break My Soul (Hybrid's Kill City Sounds Dub 01)2010
    Break My Soul (Hybrid's Kill City Sounds Mix 01)2010
    Break My Soul (Instrumental)2010
    Break My Soul (Orchestral Version)2012
    Break My Soul (Transmigration Orchestral Mix)2010
    Burnin' (Hybrid's Burning Breakbeat Mix)2001
    Can You Hear Me2010
    Can You Hear Me (Classics Re-Edit)2012
    Can You Hear Me (Hybrid's Kill City Sounds Dub 02)2010
    Can You Hear Me (Hybrid's Kill City Sounds Mix 02)2010
    Can You Hear Me (Instrumental)2010
    Can You Hear Me (Orchestral Version)2012
    Can You Hear Me (Widescreen Eclectro Mix)2010
    Cascade [Re_Mixed Promo Version][2003]
    Celebrity Science2002
    The Chase2013
    Choke (Instrumental)2012
    City Siren (Reprise)2010
    Clock Starts Ticking2013
    The Club Rules2014
    The Club Rules (Hybrid Remix)2014
    Concrete Boots [Original Score][2003]
    Deal With The Devil2013
    Deep Fire2012
    Demons [Original Score][2003]
    Disappear Here2010
    Disappear Here (Armchair Mix)2010
    Disappear Here (Evacuating London Re-Edit)
    Disappear Here (Hybrid E-Rock Remix)2010
    Disappear Here (Hybrid Sound System Remix)2010
    Disappear Here (Instrumental)2011
    Disappear Here (Orchestral Armchair Version)2010
    Disappear Here (Orchestral Version)2012
    Dogstar (Instrumental)2012
    Dogstar (Orchestral Version)2012
    Dream Stalker2006
    Dream Stalker (Ambient Reprise)
    Dreaming Your Dreams1999
    Dreaming Your Dreams [OneLive Version]1999
    Dreaming Your Dreams (Orchestral Version)2012
    Drill Room2012
    The Drop2012
    The Drop (Man On Fire Edit)2004
    Empire (Orchestral Version)2010
    Empire (Soundtrack Edit)2010
    Enjoy The Silence2012
    Enjoy The Silence (Instrumental)[2012]
    Every Word2010
    Every Word (Beatless Mix)2010
    Every Word (Instrumental)2011
    Everything Is Brand New2006
    Experiment IV2012
    Fall Out Of Love (Hybrid's Breakbeat Mix)[1996]
    Fall Out Of Love (Hybrid's Charging Piano Mix)1996
    Fall Out Of Love (Hybrid's Club Mix)2003
    Fall Out Of Love (Hybrid's Full Journey Mix)1996
    Fall Out Of Love (Hybrid's Gradual Dub)2003
    Falling Down2006
    Falling Down (Orchestral Version)2012
    Fatal Beating1999
    Fifty Dollar Pistol[2007]
    Finished Symphony1999
    Finished Symphony [Hybrid's 2003 Soundtrack Mix]2003
    Finished Symphony (Hybrid's Echoplex Remix)1999
    Finished Symphony (Hybrid's Soundtrack Mix)1999
    The Formula Of Fear2008
    The Formula Of Fear [Album Version]2010
    The Formula Of Fear [Album Version Instrumental]2011
    The Formula Of Fear (Acapella)2008
    The Formula Of Fear (Armchair Instrumental)2008
    The Formula Of Fear (Armchair Mix)2008
    The Formula Of Fear (Hybrid Remix)2008
    The Formula Of Fear (Instrumental Mix)2008
    The Formula Of Fear (Matrix Dub)[2008]
    Future Soldier2012
    Gallant Thief2012
    Green Shell Suit2010
    Groovology (Instrumental)2000
    Guerrero Is Back2013
    Gunfighters Are In Town2013
    Han Drifting2011
    He's My Brother2013
    High Life1999
    High Life (Live Version)
    Higher Than A Skyscraper2003
    Higher Than A Skyscraper (Beatless Mix)2012
    Higher Than A Skyscraper (Hybrid's Twitch And Sweat Mix)2004
    Higher Than A Skyscraper (Strings)2007
    Hooligan Spirit2006
    I Choose Noise2006
    I Choose Noise (Orchestral Version)2012
    I Know1999
    I Know [Early Version][1999]
    I Know (A capella)2000
    I Know (Hits And Synths)2000
    I Know (String Samples)2000
    I Shot The Sheriff2013
    I'm Still Awake2003
    I'm Still Awake (Acoustic Demo)2003
    If I Survive1999
    If I Survive [Early Version][1999]
    If I Survive (2003 Instrumental Mix)2010
    If I Survive (2003 Mix)[2003]
    If I Survive (Hybrid's Echoplex Mix)1999
    If I Survive (Hybrid's Tyrant Dub)1999
    If I Survive (Instrumental)1999
    If I Survive (Orchestral Version)2012
    If I Survive (VIP Mix)2012
    In Good We Trust2004
    In My Face
    Invisible Bear2012
    Iron Lung
    It's Been A While2013
    Just For Today2006
    Just For Today (Beatless Mix)2012
    Keep It In The Family2006
    Keep It In The Family (Orchestral Version)2012
    Kid 2000 (Hybrid's Echoplex Mix)2000
    Kid 2000 (Hybrid's Original 12")2000
    Kill City1998
    Kill City [Early Version][1998]
    Kill City (VIP Mix)2012
    Kinky [Original Score][2003]
    Know Your Enemy2002
    Last Man Standing2006
    Last Man Standing (Ambient Mix)2012
    Lights Go Down Knives Come Out2003
    London Fog
    Marrakech (Omen Edit)2012
    The Meat Market2013
    Meet The Blacksmith2013
    Million Dollar Race2011
    Mountain Ride2012
    Mr Smith2012
    No Need To Be A Hero2013
    Noble Tempest2012
    Numb (Hybrid's Kill City Sounds Mix 03)2010
    Numb (Instrumental)2011
    Numb (Orchestral Version)2012
    Odds Favour House2013
    Opening Credits1999
    Original Sin2010
    Original Sin (Hybrid Soundsystem Remix)
    Original Sin (Instrumental)2011
    Out Of The Dark2003
    Out Of The Dark [Early Version]
    Power Curve2014
    Power Curve (Hybrid Remix)2014
    Ride To The Mine[2013]
    The River To Edendale2013
    Running Down The Way Up1999
    Running Down The Way Up (Space Manoeuvres Mashup)[1999]
    Salt (Acoustic Edit)2010
    Salt (Instrumental)2011
    Sea Chase2012
    Secret Circles2006
    Shanty Blitz2012
    Silent Talon2012
    Sinequanon (Instrumental)2012
    Sinequanon (Tunnel Remix)[2007]
    Six Feet Under2013
    Sleepwalking [Early Version]
    Sleepwalking (Hybrid's Original Mix)2007
    Snyper [Early Version][1998]
    Snyper (High Velocity Remix)2000
    Snyper (Orchestral Version)2012
    Snyper (Transmigration Edit)
    Stay Sharp Guerrero2013
    Steal You Away2003
    Swimming [Original Score][2004]
    Symphony (Hybrid's Symphonik Remix)1997
    Symphony (M4 Corridor Dub)1997
    Symphony (Original Breakbeat Mix)1997
    Take A Fall2010
    Take A Fall (Instrumental)2011
    Theme From Wide Angle1999
    Theme From Wide Angle (Hybrid's VIP Edit)2006
    Theme From Wide Angle (Rolling Thunder Dub)1999
    Theme From Wide Angle (Rolling Thunder Mix)1999
    They Killed My Husband2013
    This Is The West2013
    This Is What It Means2003
    This Is What It Means (Rewinded Edit)2012
    Tiger Dust2012
    Transmigration I2010
    Transmigration II2010
    Transmigration III2010
    True To Form2003
    True To Form (Acoustic Demo)2003
    True To Form (Acoustic Instrumental)[2003]
    True To Form (Acoustic Mix)2012
    True To Form (Acoustic Version)2003
    True To Form (Instrumental)2012
    True To Form (Soundtrack Edit)2012
    Tunnel Vision2014
    Tunnel Vision (Hybrid Remix)2014
    The Unknown
    Until Tomorrow2006
    Until Tomorrow (Instrumental)2012
    Valiant Hammer2012
    Visible Noise2002
    We Are In Control2003
    Welcome Aboard2012
    Zulu [Original Score]2005
  • Artist Track Name Year
    2 Bad MiceBombscare (Hybrid Remix)2000
    AdevaDon't Think About It (Hybrid Remix)1997
    Alanis MorissetteSo Pure (Hybrid Remix)[1999]
    Alanis MorissetteYour House (Hybrid - Forgive Me)1998
    AlbionAir 2000 (Hybrid's Supersonic Remix)2000
    Alison LimerickPut Your Faith In Me (Hybrid Breakbeat Dub)1997
    Alison LimerickPut Your Faith In Me (Hybrid Higher Ground Mix)1997
    Andreas JohnsonGlorious (Hybrid Mix)1999
    Ayumi HamasakiPrologue (Hybrid Remix)2000
    Ayumi HamasakiTeddy Bear (Hybrid Club Mix)2001
    Ayumi HamasakiTeddy Bear (Hybrid Instrumental)2001
    Birdy vs Adam Beyer vs MadonnaOiseau Bleu / Remainings III / Music (Hybrid Bootleg)
    Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubBeat The Devil's Tattoo (Hybrid Dead In Tombstone Mix)2013
    Bleachin'Bleachin' (Hybrid Remix)2000
    Blue PearlNaked In The Rain '98 (Hybrid Remix)1998
    BTGodspeed (Hybrid Dub)1998
    BTGodspeed (Hybrid Mix)1998
    BTNever Gonna Come Back Down (Hybrid's Breaktek Mix)2000
    BTNever Gonna Come Back Down (Hybrid's Echoplex Dub)2000
    Carl CoxPhuture 2000 (Hybrid Mix)1999
    Charlotte JamesLittle Bit Of This (Hybrid Remix)[2007]
    Chris CocoAlbatross (Hybrid Mix)2002
    ComixI Need Ya.. Humm!! (Hybrid Dub)1997
    ComixI Need Ya.. Humm!! (Hybrid Remix)1997
    Conjure OneTears From The Moon (Hybrid's Twisted On The Terrace Mix)2002
    Conjure OneTears From The Moon (Hybrid's Twisted On The Terrace Mix V.2)2002
    The Crystal MethodName Of The Game (Hybrid Blackout In LA Mix)2002
    The Crystal MethodName Of The Game (Hybrid's LA Blackout Remix)2002
    Cui JianYi Wu Suo You (I Have Nothing) (Hybrid Instrumental)[2007]
    Cui JianYi Wu Suo You (I Have Nothing) (Hybrid Remix)[2007]
    DaturaMystic Motion (Hybrid Charging Mix)[1996]
    DaturaMystic Motion (Hybrid Full Journey Mix)1996
    DeluxtraLift Me Up (Hybrid Remix)1997
    DivineKick Your Butt (Hybrid Remix)1996
    DivinePsychedelic Shack (Hybrid Remix)1996
    DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh PrinceSummertime (Hybrid Remix)1999
    DJ RapBad Girl (Hybrid Remix)2000
    DovesBreak Me Gently (Hybrid Mix)[2004]
    Eelke KleijnThe Lone Ranger (Hybrid Soundsystem Remix)2011
    Elite ForceYou (Hybrid Remix)2007
    Energy 52Cafe Del Mar (Hybrid's Time Traveller Remix)1998
    Every Little ThingDeatta Koro No You Ni (Hybrid Remix)1998
    Every Little ThingTime Goes By (Hybrid Remix)1998
    FilterTake A Picture (Hybrid Mix)1999
    The Foot ClubLoveboy (Hybrid Fuzzy Peach Mix)1996
    The Foot ClubLoveboy (Hybrid Luurv Dub)1996
    FreQ NastyBoomin Back Atcha (Hybrid's Music To Plough Fields To Remix)1999
    Friction & SpiceAlright (Hybrid's Analogue Mix)1996
    Friction & SpiceAlright (Hybrid's Breakbeat Mix)1996
    Future Funk SquadTowards The Sun (Hybrid Remix)2006
    The Future Sound Of LondonMy Kingdom (Part 4) [Hybrid Remix][2004]
    The Future Sound Of LondonPapua New Guinea (Hybrid Remix)2001
    Golden GirlsKinetic (Hybrid's Audiopyrotechnix Mix)1998
    Golden GirlsKinetic (Hybrid's Cross Modulation Dub)[1998]
    GoldmineNatural (Hybrid Jump Up Mix)[1996]
    GouryellaWalhalla (Hybrid's Echoplex Mix)1999
    GouryellaWalhalla (Hybrid's Matrix Dub)1999
    GrayareaGravity (Hybrid's Love From Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch Mix)2004
    Guy JFly (Hybrid Soundsystem Remix)2012
    Hard Rock Sofa & Swanky TunesHere We Go / Quasar (Hybrid Remix)2013
    Harry Gregson-WilliamsCaspian (Hybrid Remix)[2008]
    Harry Gregson-WilliamsEvacuating London (Hybrid's Beatless Dub)[2005]
    Harry Gregson-WilliamsEvacuating London (Hybrid's Hiding In The Wardrobe Mix)[2005]
    Harry Gregson-WilliamsHumvee Chase (Hybrid Remix)[2006]
    Harry Gregson-WilliamsMan On Fire (Hybrid Remix)2004
    Hyper Go-GoHigh (Hybrid Dub)1996
    Hyper Go-GoHigh (Hybrid Remix)1996
    Hyper Go-Go & AdevaDo Watcha Do (Hybrid Remix)1996
    Hyper Go-Go & AdevaDo Watcha Do (Hybrid Remix) [Early Version]1996
    Inner SanctumHow Soon Is Now (Hybrid Mix)1997
    Jean Michel JarreC'est La Vie (Hybrid's Echoplex Mix)1999
    Jean Michel JarreC'est La Vie (Hybrid's Echoplex Mix) [RAAPB Promo Version][1999]
    Jean Michel JarreC'est La Vie (Hybrid's Matrix Dub)[1999]
    Jeff WayneThe Eve Of The War (Hybrid's Fire In The Sky Remix)2000
    Jez & ChoopieYim (Hybrid's Sunrise Remix)1998
    John Creamer & Stephane KI Love You (Hybrid's Claustrophobic Remix)2001
    Kevin AvianceDin Da Da (Hybrid Remix)1998
    KillahurtzKiss For The Dying (Hybrid's Echoplex 0405 Mix)2005
    KillahurtzKiss For The Dying (Hybrid's Matrix Dub)2005
    Kinnie StarrAlright (Hybrid Vocal Mix) [Alternate Version][2004]
    Kinnie StarrAlright (Hybrid's Toronto Tech Dub Mix)2004
    Kinnie StarrAlright (Hybrid's Vocal Mix)2006
    KriminalLoud N Proud (Hybrid Dub)1999
    KriminalLoud N Proud (Hybrid Mix)1999
    Lennie De IceWe Are I.E. (Hybrid's Dark Mix)1999
    Lennie De IceWe Are I.E. (Hybrid's Lite Mix)1999
    Lennie De IceWe Are I.E. (Hybrid's Pumping Mix)1999
    Long RangeJust One More (Hybrid Matrix Dub)[2007]
    Long RangeJust One More (Hybrid Mix)2007
    LosersSummertime Rolls (Hybrid Remix)2011
    Love DeluxeSurrender (Hybrid Remix)1996
    MegatonkBelgium (Hybrid Remix)[1996]
    MobyBodyrock (Hybrid's Bodyshock Remix)1999
    MobySouthside (Hybrid's Dishing Pump Instrumental)2000
    MobySouthside (Hybrid's Dishing Pump Remix)2000
    Monk & CanatellaEnter The Monk (Hybrid's Electrotek Club Mix)2000
    Monk & CanatellaEnter The Monk (Hybrid's Electrotek Dub Mix)2000
    Montano vs The Trumpet ManItza Trumpet Thing (Hybrid Remix)1998
    Musique vs U2New Year's Dub (Hybrid Remix)2001
    Nights At The Round TableLellenda El Espiritu (Hybrid Remix)1996
    Nine Inch NailsEchoplex (Hybrid Bootleg)
    The OrbFrom A Distance (Hybrid's Meadow Ladies Mix)2004
    Perry Farrell's Satellite PartyWish Upon A Dog Star (Hybrid Club Mix)2007
    Perry Farrell's Satellite PartyWish Upon A Dog Star (Hybrid Instrumental)2007
    Philip BaileySteppin' Through Time (Hybrid Instrumental)[1997]
    Philip BaileySteppin' Through Time (Hybrid Mix)[1997]
    Planet FunkEveryday (Hybrid's 1150 Remix)[2005]
    RadioheadEverything In It's Right Place (Hybrid Remix)[2001]
    REMThe Great Beyond (Hybrid Mix)[2003]
    Rob DClubbed To Death (Hybrid Remix)[2001]
    Ron HouderOutskirts (Hybrid's Tech Funk Break Mix)2001
    Ron HouderOutskirts (Hybrid's Tech Funk Mix)2001
    RootjooseMr Fixit (Hybrid Mix)1997
    The Sabres Of ParadiseSmokebelch II (Hybrid Bootleg)
    Saint EtienneBoy Is Crying (Hybrid Instrumental Mix)[2000]
    Saint EtienneBoy Is Crying (Hybrid Vocal Mix)2001
    Salt TankDimension (Hybrid's Audio Candy Remix)1999
    Sarah MclachlanFear (Hybrid Dub)[2001]
    Sarah MclachlanFear (Hybrid's Super Collider Mix)2001
    Sasha vs Phantom BeatsXpander / Don't Care (Hybrid Bootleg)[2000]
    Satoshi TomiieLove In Traffic (Hybrid Remix)[2003]
    Shifter & CarvellDark Distance (Hybrid Remix)2008
    Shiloh & RadioheadFlywheel / Nude (Hybrid Re-Edit)[2008]
    SoulwaxE Talking (Hybrid Bootleg)[2005]
    Stefan Anion & Starfire vs OrbitalInfearior / Chimes (Hybrid Re-Edit)2010
    Tejo, Black Alien & SpeedFollow Me Follow Me (Fast 5 Hybrid Remix)2011
    Truman & WolffCome Again (Hybrid Remix)1998
    Uberzone4 Bit (Hybrid's Back To Analogue Mix)2007
    UNKLEGlow (Hybrid Remix)2004
    Uno ClioClose To The Edge (Hybrid Remix)[1996]
    Vector 13 vs OpencloudFerara vs Time Stand Still (Hybrid's Mashup)[2006]
    Vernon's WonderlandVernon's Wonderland (Hybrid Echoplex Mix)2001
    Vernon's WonderlandVernon's Wonderland (Hybrid Matrix Dub)2001
    Zero VUFeels So Good (Breakbeat Mix)1997
    Zero VUFeels So Good (Hybrid Epic Vocal Mix)1997
  • Track Name Year
    All Torque (Black Sun Empire Remix)2014
    All Torque (Elite Force Remix)2014
    All Torque (F Buttons Remix)2014
    All Torque (Raffertie Remix)2014
    All Torque (Second Storey Remix)2014
    Be Here Now (Alex Banks Remix)2014
    Be Here Now (Fred V & Grafix Remix)2014
    Be Here Now (Qemists Remix)2014
    Blackout (The Cinematic Orchestra Mix)2007
    Can You Hear Me (Barry Jamieson Remix)2010
    Can You Hear Me (Cagedbaby Disco Mix)2010
    Can You Hear Me (Cagedbaby Dub Mix)2010
    Can You Hear Me (Eelke Kleijn Remix)2010
    Can You Hear Me (Justus Kohncke Dub)2010
    Can You Hear Me (Justus Konche Remix)2010
    Can You Hear Me (Trifonic Remix)2010
    The Club Rules (Kilon Tek Remix 1)2014
    The Club Rules (Kilon Tek Remix 2)2014
    Disappear Here (Andy Moor Dub)2010
    Disappear Here (Andy Moor Ecomix)2010
    Disappear Here (Antix Extended Version)2010
    Disappear Here (Losers Dip Their Toes In Dubstep Remix)2010
    Disappear Here (Maor Levi Club Remix)2010
    Disappear Here (Maor Levi Revealed Mix)2010
    Dogstar (Trent Cantrelle Dub)2008
    Dogstar (Trent Cantrelle Vocal Mix)2012
    Fall Out Of Love (Dekkard's Roadkill Mix)1996
    Falling Down (Kosheen DJs Mix)2007
    Fifty Dollar Pistol (Shifter & Carvell Remix)2012
    Finished Symphony (Boom Jinx Remix)2008
    Finished Symphony (Deadmau5 Remix)2007
    Finished Symphony (Deadset Dubtool Mix)[2007]
    Finished Symphony (Deadset Play Nifty Remix)2007
    Finished Symphony (Deadset Play Nifty Remix) [Re_Mixed Promo Version][2007]
    Finished Symphony (Gonzalo Rodriguez Remix)2011
    The Formula Of Fear (Glenn Morrison Remix)2008
    The Formula Of Fear (Grafiti Dub)2008
    The Formula Of Fear (Grafiti Remix)2008
    The Formula Of Fear (Long Range Remix)2008
    The Formula Of Fear (Midnight Storm Remix)2008
    The Formula Of Fear (Steam Punk Remix)2008
    The Formula Of Fear (Uberzone Dub Mix)2008
    The Formula Of Fear (Uberzone Vocal Mix)2008
    Hi-Life (Mike Marshall's Low Life Mix)2000
    Higher Than A Skyscraper (Boy 8-Bit Mix)2007
    Higher Than A Skyscraper (Freq Nasty's Ragga Rock Relic)2004
    Higher Than A Skyscraper (Satoshi Tomiie 3D Dub)
    Higher Than A Skyscraper (Satoshi Tomiie Mix)2004
    Higher Than A Skyscraper (The Orb's Towers Of Babel Mix)2004
    I Choose Noise (Elite Force Mix)2007
    I Choose Noise (Elite Force Mix) [Y4K - The 20th Version]2007
    I Know (Christian Fischer Remix)2007
    I Know (Keenan & Anderson Remix)2007
    [I Know Rework] Atmo.Brtschitsch - Everyday2004
    [I Know Rework] Ror-Shak - Fate Or Faith2005
    I'm Still Awake (Christian J Remix)2004
    I'm Still Awake (Grayarea's Il Postino E Lo Stronzo Disoccupato Mix)2004
    I'm Still Awake (Planet Funk Instrumental Mix)[2004]
    I'm Still Awake (Planet Funk Vocal Mix)2004
    I'm Still Awake (SUD Mix)2004
    If I Survive (Beber's Boleyn West Stand Mix)1999
    If I Survive (Commie Remix)2009
    If I Survive (Commie's HQ Dub)2009
    If I Survive (Dano's Tribal Dub)2010
    If I Survive (Interfearance Dub)1999
    If I Survive (Interfearance Mix)1999
    If I Survive (Jerome Sydenham Dubstrumental)[2007]
    If I Survive (Jerome Sydenham Vocal Dub)2007
    If I Survive (Way Out West Dub)1999
    If I Survive (Way Out West Mix)1999
    Just For Today (Jerome Sydenham Dub Mix)2007
    Just For Today (Jerome Sydenham Dub Mix) [Re_Mixed Promo Version][2007]
    Just For Today (Jerome Sydenham Mix)2007
    Just For Today (Jerome Sydenham Mix) [Re_Mixed Promo Version][2007]
    Keep It In The Family (Tomboy's Quirky Piano-Intro Version)2007
    Kid 2000 (Kayestone Instrumental)[2000]
    Kid 2000 (Kayestone Recon Remix)2000
    Last Man Standing (Group Therapy Mix)2007
    Numb (Solarstone Kill City Sounds 03 Remix Reconstruction)[2011]
    Original Sin (Myon & Shane 54 Club Redemption)2011
    Original Sin (Myon & Shane 54 Orchapella)2011
    Original Sin (Retroid Remix)2011
    Power Curve (Clark Remix)2014
    Power Curve (Noisia Driveclub Remix)2014
    Power Curve (Segal Remix)2014
    Sleepwalking (Future Funk Squad Mix) [Re_Mixed Promo Version][2007]
    Sleepwalking (Future Funk Squad's Worst Nightmare Remix)2007
    Symphony (Sure Is Pure Remix)1996
    Symphony (Sure Is Pure's Moto Disco Dub)1997
    True To Form (John Creamer & Stephane K Remix)2003
    Tunnel Vision (Photek Remix)2014
    Tunnel Vision (Xcalibr Remix)2014
    Until Tomorrow (Serge Santiago Mix)2007
    Until Tomorrow (Stefan Anion & Starfire's Surviving Another Day Mix)2007
  • Artist Track Name Year
    BFL ProjectChain Of Fools (Super Ego Remix)1998
    BlackoutGotta Have Hope (Truman & Wolff Power Cut Mix)1999
    Buckle & FogeyYeow (Jay'd Up Mix)1995
    Charlotte JamesStars2012
    Clifford N WilliamsReach Up (Beats For The Boyz Mix)1995
    Clifford N WilliamsReach Up (Original Mix)1995
    Clifford N WilliamsReach Up (Rising Symphony Mix)1995
    Clifford N WilliamsU Got The Love (Cool Breeze Mix)1996
    Clifford N WilliamsU Got The Love (The Love Mix)1996
    Clifford N WilliamsWork Ya Body (Fresh West Dub)1997
    Clifford N WilliamsWork Ya Body (Fresh West Mix)1997
    D*MindsI Am Bad2012
    DJ SupremeTha Wildstyle (Supreme Ego Mix)1997
    ElectrotekSuperfly (Zouk Club Dub)2000
    ElectrotekSuperfly (Zouk Club Mix)2000
    Floor FederationLove Resurrection (Final Phase Mix)1996
    Happy Larry's Big Beat OrchestraGet On In The Move (M.T.M. Big Wave Mix)1991
    James & TrumanHear Me (Dub)2000
    James & TrumanHear Me (Vocal)2000
    Jazzed UpAlright (Hands Off My Handbag Mix)1996
    Jazzed UpDawn Breaker1996
    Jennifer McCraeDo Anything (Mike Truman Remix)1998
    Karen YoungHot Shot '97 (Super Ego's Inflated Mix)1997
    MauriceFeline (Original Union Mix)2001
    Mike KoglinThe Silence (Truman & Wolff's Silent Treatment Mix)1998
    O.R.G.A.N.To The World (Truman & Wolff Remix)1998
    Perry Farrell's Satellite PartyAwesome2007
    Perry Farrell's Satellite PartyKinky2007
    Perry Farrell's Satellite PartyWish Upon A Dog Star2007
    Phunky PhantomGet Up Stand Up (Super Ego Mix)1997
    Pink FloydAnother Brick In The Wall (Mike Truman Remix)[1993]
    Rachel McFarlaneLover (Truman & Wolff Remix)[1998]
    Sim'on PureThe Flava2014
    The Solid CollectiveCan You Feel It (Charlie's Stompin Piano Mix)1995
    The Solid CollectiveCan You Feel It (Mickey's Magic Fingers Mix)1995
    The Solid CollectiveCan You Feel It (Original BB Mix)1995
    Thats-A-NoiseLivin My Life (DJ Dub)1994
    Thats-A-NoiseLivin My Life (Jazzed Up Club Mix)1994
    Thats-A-NoiseLivin My Life (Strictly Groovy Club Mix)1994
    Three Wise MonkeysWork 4 Love (Back To The Old School Mix)1995
    Three Wise MonkeysWork 4 Love (Do It 4 Vice Mix)1995
    Three Wise MonkeysWork 4 Love (Shake Your Sax Mix)1995
    Truman & WolffCome Again (Original 12" Mix)1998


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